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The Alumni Network (AN) of the World Food Programme (WFP) brings together former employees, i.e., retirees and former contract holders (continuing, indefinite appointment, fixed-term, short term, international professional, JPO, GS, national officer, consultant, field SSA, SC, UN Volunteer, intern, spouse/partner, surviving spouse/partner). We reunite in friendship globally and renew and maintain contact with each other. 

Conceived by ex staff members in 2013 – the organization’s 50th anniversary year – the network aims to mobilise retirees and former colleagues to support WFP in its efforts to combat hunger. After being formally announced by former Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin, at WFP’s Executive Board in February 2013, WFP AN took form in December 2013, when over 100 participants, coming from all over the world, gathered for the 50th-anniversary celebrations of WFP. A Letter of Understanding was signed with WFP on 14th November 2014, and AN Statutes were drawn up.

Initiatives undertaken by WFP AN, in close collaboration with WFP’s Human Resources Division include, but are not limited to, the use of WFP AN members in field operations, training, mentoring, advocacy and filling gaps in times of crisis; cultural and social events to promote contacts between members and raise funds; and assistance to members if required.

The Nobel Peace Prize is a reflection of the work being done by dedicated WFP staff around the world. Many former colleagues, members also of the Alumni Network, are still committed to support WFP in many activities. They devoted most of their lives to the humanitarian services of WFP, demonstrating courage and determination. “This recognition should inspire all of us to work even harder, to continue to save lives, change lives and reach that Zero Hunger goal,” WFP's Executive Director, David Beasley, said. Members of the WFP Alumni Network are willing to continue to put efforts to eradicate hunger around the world.

For any further information or queries, you can write to or contact the WFP Alumni Network Focal Point at

The WFP Alumni Network has launched a new AN website which is dedicated to its members only. It is a very rich website, with content that we are sure you will appreciate lots of WFP information and resources, stories from our members, publications, a new Members Directory with personal profiles, a forum and a marketplace. News from the Alumni Network are timely updated and Country Chapters publishes its events and activities. There is a special section with information for retirees from UNJSPF, CIGNA, UNFCU, WFP Wellness Division. Learn more on how to become a member and access to the WFP AN website, and fill in the online Subscription and Website Registration forms. After registration, you will be able to access the

433 Alumni members

subscribed as of July 2021: 203 international and 230 nationals

What the World Food Programme Alumni Network is doing

Provide solidarity
Our employees continue to be a part of the WFP family, even after their contract expires. WFP AN arranges meetings and events for Alumni to come together and keeps members updated with tips and resources for post-WFP life. WFP AN stays in touch with other entities such as Former FAO (FFAO) and WFP Global Services to inform and assist members as and when required.
Advocate for WFP
WFP AN promotes the mission of WFP through social networking, conferences, mentoring, fundraising events, press articles and public engagements. WFP AN works through Country Chapters in WFP programme countries to directly assist Country Offices and in donor countries to advocate and raise funds for WFP. Some examples of Country Chapters are Bangladesh, Canada, China, Italy, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, the Philippines and the USA.