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The World Food Programme (WFP) is committed to accountability and transparency to ensure we can best serve the world’s most vulnerable and assure our donors and partners that funds entrusted to us are used for their intended purpose.

WFP’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) conducts objective and independent audits as well as investigations into suspected wrongdoing, misconduct and fraud, and advises management and the Executive Board on its findings, concerns and opportunities for improvement. The scope of work includes all programmes, systems, processes, operations and activities undertaken by WFP.

The activities of the office conform to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (from the Institute of Internal Auditors) and the Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations (from the Conference of International Investigators).

Our work

Internal audits, advisories and insights
Internal audits carried out by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) are an independent, objective assurance activity designed to help WFP achieve its objectives and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes. Advisory services are consulting activities aimed at improving the management of risks, add value and strengthen WFP’s operations. OIG also shares its insights into WFP’s operations.
Fraud and corruption
WFP has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and collusive practices, which are contrary to its core values. Reports of such practices are investigated and findings inform recommendations for administrative or disciplinary action. Proactive Integrity Reviews can be undertaken to proactively detect the risk of fraud, corruption and wrongdoings, test preventive and detective anti-fraud controls and mitigate possible financial and reputational risks.
Sexual exploitation and abuse
Preventing sexual exploitation and abuse is a moral imperative for WFP. The Office of the Inspector General investigates reports of these incidents and recommends disciplinary action. In addition, it has developed a mandatory e-learning course in four languages on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse.
Contributions to other organization’s policies
The Office of the Inspector General actively contributes to other organizations’ policies in coordination with Rome-based agencies as well as other UN organizations, as a member of the United Nations Representatives of Internal Audit Services (UNRIAS) and the United Nations Representatives of Investigations Services (UNRIS).