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Since WFP has no independent source of funds, all donations either in cash or in-kind must be accompanied by the cash needed to move, manage and monitor WFP food assistance. WFP's funding comes from:


Governments are the principal source of funding for WFP; the organization receives no dues or portions of the UN assessed contributions. On average, over 60 governments underwrite the humanitarian and development projects of WFP. All government support is on an entirely voluntary basis. 


Through corporate-giving programmes, individual companies can make a vital contribution to fighting hunger. Corporate donations of cash, product or services can help free up scarce resources to help WFP feed more hungry people. In turn, corporations engage their employees, customers and other stakeholders in a vital, life-saving mission.  

Recent donations from private and not-for-profit entities have included frontline support to several emergency operations; expertise to enhance WFP's logistics and fundraising capacities; and critical cash for school feeding. Learn more


Individuals can make a difference in the lives of the hungry. A personal donation can provide : 

  • Emergency food rations during a crisis
  • Special food for hungry children in schools
  • Food incentives to encourage poor families to send their girls to school.
  • Food as payment for people to rebuild schools, roads and other infrastructure in the wake of conflicts and natural disasters.

Individuals can also support WFP's work in other ways. Learn more